REGAL WRITERS GUILD (RWG)  -  Honoring, Inspiring & Promoting   Independent Authors, Writers & Publishers


The Regal Writers Guild is an organization comprised of writers and authors, both published and non-published. The Regal Writers Guild's (RWG) aim is to cultivate literary excellence. RWG is dedicated to the development of the writer's voice, gifts and talents, and to help them discover and unleash their literary treasures into written form.    


Diversity best characterizes the

Regal Writers Guild (RWG).



 Our members are from all walks of life, from  white collar to blue collar, to those that may have little  or no formal training or education. We have new budding writers and veteran writers that have written one or several books, and that have written on a wide range of various topics and subject matter. RWG prides in having members who are scholars, magazine authors, columnists, Playwrights, historical, fiction, non-fiction writers, international writers, non-published writers and people who love or have a passion for writing.

             The RWG objectives include: helping writers & authors develop excellent writing skills, helping writers to discover and unleash their literary treasures into print form, helping it's members to become successful in the flourishing market place, and helping writers and authors to get their book(s) promoted, recognized and honored as acclaimed literary work.


People Join Regal Writers Guild Because:

 *They want to utilize their gift and passion for writing

*They want to expand their readers audience

*They want their writing projects to be recognized, honored and acclaimed

*They want their writing projects to be in the flourishing market place

*They want to develop and perfect their writing skills 

* They want to network with other writers

*They want support and encouragement for their writing projects & writing ventures                                        



Are informal, educational, supportive & designed to:

* Improve & achieve excellence in writing skills  

* Help writers compile & organize writing material for book and publishing form

*To give writers Inventive & creative writing exercises

 *Help writers in completing and/or finalizing their works in progress

*Inspire, support and encourage writers to write, publish & market their work

*Help in writing stylistically and creatively

Workshops will be held twice a week on a bi-weekly basis. 



Columnists,  Newspaper Writers

Magazine Writers/Authors


Published Writers and Authors

Non-published Writers and Authors

Historical Writers, authors





Content of writing may include: Non-fiction, fiction, historical, health & nutrition, inspirational, spiritual, etc. No obscene, vulgar or offending material will be accepted or considered.


Those interested in registering their work(s) for the awards banquet must complete the REGAL AWARDS FORM. Forms can be sent to you via email or regular postal service. You will also be able to make reservations for the banquet and register your book/work online for the Regal Awards Banquet. (See 'About Us' page.)


    It is our desire at Regal Writers Guild  to recognize and honor a writer's valuable literary work(s). You have put much time, effort, and energy into writing your work, and probably have made great sacrifice to complete your work. Why not have it recognized and honored as such by scholars, authors and people that place high value and worth on great literary works, while at the same time, get rewarded for it. Your family & friends will certainly be proud of your writing achievements as they see you proudly be recognized and awarded for your literary treasure. You will also gain worldwide recognition and acknowledgment for it as well on our website & affiliate websites.

We at Regal Writers Guild look forward to helping you be the greatest at what you do, and giving you the recognition, honor and promotion that your literary treasure(s) deserve.


Dr. Melody Barclay, President